Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pop Rock Guitar Solo with Tab

Today we look at a pop rock guitar solo in the key of D. If you checked out the last
post you'll notice that the legato run in this guitar solo is similar to the major scale run from the last solo.
The chord progression in this solo is D / A / G/ G. I tried to come up with a short melodic phrase to open the solo and then accent the notes in the chords. I tried to follow the tab as closely as possible but listen to the solo for my phrasing and feel free to play through some of the faster licks with phrasing variations. Note that the first melodic phrase repeats before continuing on with the tab. The ending is a variation on the opening guitar lick.

Scale wise I stayed pretty much with D Major. If you want to change things up a bit try playing over the G and D with some G Major as well. The difference being only one note a C# in the D Major scale versus a C natural note in the G Major Scale. Hope everyone has a safe guitar and music filled weekend!