Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Apple Killed the Guitar Star

OK I'll admit this is an excuse before I even begun to explain. I've always been a bit how hum about Apple until this Christmas when I got an ipod touch. This little device has been glued to my person ever since and is a great time saving and time sucking machine all rolled into one. There are some great guitar apps that I can't wait to explore although I now need another guitar to computer interface to do that for a lot of them. I 'm thinking of going the iRig route. Long story short I've neglected this blog too long. February will see a return to more regular posts and maybe even a few Guitar and iPod touch interactions.

I generally get most comments ( which I appreciate) through youtube - keep em coming and please let me know if you have requests for lessons, licks or styles and I'll try to work them into the blog. Ok time to check the iPod then pick up the guitar. Honest.