Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guitar Lesson with Tab: Randy's Eye

My favorite TV theme of all time is the intro music to "Friday Night Lights". In fact that piece of music composed by Snuffy Walden is one of my favorite musical pieces period. I have literally hit repeat on that song and left it playing for hours. I love the simple yet spellbinding nature of it and the gradual build up of the theme. I've tried to write a piece of guitar music inspired by that piece. This is only the guitar part but I may have a go at adding some additional instrumentation later. The piece is called "Randy's Eye". Named after my cat Davinci's pet rooster Randy. Not Randy Rhoads ( who I also love btw). Randy is a stuffed rooster who Davinci has had for 14 years. Tragically he lost an eye from shear wear but he is still kicking - this song is for him.

I've tuned the guitar down  a half step if you want to play along. I used a guitar pick throughout but you could also fingerpick this as well. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers.