Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Altered Tunings - DADGAD


Here is another solo acoustic guitar piece inspired by some digital art I created. It is in DADGAD tuning. the title is 'Skywriting Rainbows'. Here is the art and the music. 

In future posts I'm will post some guitar tab using some licks and riffs from these pieces. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Epiphone Video Contest

Hey I wanna win a guitar!! So please vote for my contest entry to the Epiphone Video Contest. Voting starts June 1, 2014 but if you dig the guitar video start spreading the word now.  Better yet pick up your favorite Epi and submit your own video!! Cheers.

Contest details here.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Art and Music

I recently watched a documentary called  'Tim's Vermeer' that starred a fascinating guy by the name of Tim Jenison. The documentary itself was pretty cool and I'd recommend it. However, what was more interesting than the documentary itself was its main character. Tim Jenison at least as he is portrayed in the documentary came across as a modern day Renaissance man. Need  to study Vermeer - learn Dutch. Need a set - build it by hand after learning how to woodwork. Want a lens, grind it yourself, need some 17th century quality paint- learn to mix it. This guy was a tireless learner and experimenter. So because I've been so lazy updating this blog I decided to draw some inspiration from Tim and combine some art and music. I've created some digital art and decided to make music to go along with it.

The first piece is called ' Dervish Whirling'. It is a solo acoustic guitar piece in DAGDAD tuning. Here is the art and music. In our next post I will break down some musical passages from this and give you the guitar tab for them along with some related guitar licks.