Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Everyone loves a slinky ( Guitar) : Slide into It.

Slides are fun. Who doesn't have fond memories of rushing down a slide as a kid on the playground. Slides are also great fun on the guitar. My personal "slide idol" is the fantastic Steve Vai. He makes great use of slides and bends to add spice  to the notes and melodies he plays on guitar. Check out any track on 'Passion and Warfare' to hear some awesome guitar full of articulations that add emotion to the notes. If you really appreciate a good slide you might want to check out slide guitar players. Derek Trucks plays a mean slide and his music incorporates a lot of different styles.

Today's guitar lick is my humble attempt to incorporate slides and bends into a musical phrase to make the guitar music just a little more lively than just playing the notes straight. The guitar lick is in the key of D. Here is the guitar tab and video.