Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And A cow Jumped over the Moon: Guitar Exercise

OK here is the second part of the guitar exercise. Not really jumping that far around the fretboard but the intervals can be pretty large given the repeating open high E that is used as a pedal point in the second part. Again strive for an even tone, rhythm and volume between the open and fretting notes. To give the lick a little bit of a neo-classical tinge I've added the G# from the ever popular ( see Yngwie and 80's and Yngwie in the 80's) A harmonic minor scale. Cheers.

Here is the guitar tab with both parts.

A Total Eclipse of the Moon - Guitar Exercise

Ok this guitar lick has nothing to do with the Lunar eclipse today other than the fact that I came up with the lick while watching streaming coverage online of this event. The guitar lick makes a great alternating picking exercise. It is played with 16th notes solely on the high E string. Strive for an even tempo and practice along with a metronome.

Here is the guitar tab:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paint By Numbers Creative Guitar Part Two

In our last post we looked at a piece of guitar tab with no notation and I asked interested guitarists out there to create their own guitar licks using the notes provided. Here are a couple licks using the notes and sequence of notes from the first part of this post.  If you want the powertab notation you can DM me on twitter @jimifan

Here are a couple of different licks using the previous notes:

Win Win - Guitar Tab From Songsterr

Guitar tab gets a bad rap sometimes. I know I am guilty of taking shortcuts and don't spend enough time ear training but sometimes it is nice to pick up a guitar, grab some tab and just play a few songs. I think as with many things in life and music moderation is sometimes the best choice. A primary deficiency with a lot of internet guitar tab is the lack of rhythmic notation. Modern rock guitar can be notoriously difficult to correctly convey the appropriate rhythm. Songsterr is a relatively newcomer to online tab that solves this problem by tabbing out the rhythm and also giving you the option of hearing the tab. This makes the guitar tab much more useful. If you use this referral link below you  (and I) get two free weeks of their PLUS service that allows access to added features on the site.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paint by Numbers - Creative Guitar

Ok in this guitar lick I'm going to force you to add your own rhythm kind of a musical paint by numbers. So here is the guitar lick but with no rhythmic instructions or notation, or slurs or legato notes.

See what you can come up with and I will post the notation indicating my original guitar lick based on these notes later.