Saturday, November 30, 2013

Drop A Guitar Riff #2

Another Drop A tuning guitar riff. Guitar is tuned from low to high A G C F A D.
This guitar riff is triplet based so three notes per beat.

Drop A Guitar Riff

Been playing in Drop A tuned down a whole step lately so I thought I'd share a guitar riff I came up with in this tuning. The guitar is tuned low to high A G C F A D. Tuned down a whole step and then drop the low E to an A note. I  use pretty heavy palm muting to keep the second section sounding a little tighter.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Capo Lick

I've been learning a few songs that use a capo. A capo is basically a movable fret that lets you use different notes as "open strings" I've used a guitar tuned down a half step for this guitar lick but capo-ed at the 4th fret. All notes in the guitar tab are as written except the open string notes are actually at the 4th fret because of the capo. The riff is all eighth notes played at a slow tempo. Let the notes bleed into each other and ring as long as possible. Cheers.