Saturday, August 17, 2013

Don't Poke the Scarebear

The internet can be a great tool for guitarists and a great burden. If you can avoid the time sucking, attention draining information overload aspects of the net you can really find some great things to improve your guitar playing. You can also find some very cool musicians and tracks for collaboration. In that vein I've hooked up with a cool track from Jason Brown -  @scarebear on twitter and on the web at You can listen to the full track here on soundcloud:
I improvised over the rhythm track Jason laid down. I thought the intro guitar part was pretty cool so I wanted to tab it out and post a video of it. The first two bars repeat three times then the next bar repeats and then the whole sequence is played again. The guitar lick incorporates a repeating open B string and is based primarily on an eighth note pattern that moves down the fretboard.