Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trippin up on Triplets - More Acoustic Blues Guitar

I've been on an acoustic blues kick today so I figured I'd post another solo acoustic blues guitar piece.There are a bunch of triplets in this piece - hence my super creative title. Yep I just used hence in a guitar blog. Pure genius I know. So the guitar kicks off with a four bar section that repeats two descending triplet sections basically kicking off a 12 bar blues with two turnarounds. Were in the key of E again and the piece mainly uses the E blues scale. The main exception to this is the use of the C# in the triplet patterns at bar 10. I've tried to explain things in the video. I've posted the guitar tab below to help things along too. If you enjoy my videos in general please let me know if the breakdown and explanation in the guitar video are helpful. They take more time to record so I'd value your input on their effectiveness. I've switched over from the "followers" button to the new "google plus followers" so click that widget to become a google plus follower. You can also stay up to date by following me on twitter @jimifan.

Ok here is the tab and video. As always any questions let me know. Happy strumming.