Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guitar Lick - Descending Major Scale Rock Lick

I was pretty pleased with one guitar lick during the last improv  video at around the 1:10 min mark. So pleased in fact that I sat down and tried to tab it out. I failed miserably to figure out the guitar  lick I just played and came up with no suitable guitar tab for it. I've never been great picking out fast pieces by ear - even when they are mine. On the bright side I came up with a pretty cool G Major scale guitar lick that descends the neck. It is pretty well all 16th notes ( or maybe 32 depending on how you interpret the rhythm). I've tabbed this out before I played it so it a bit stiffer than a lick off the top of my head but much easier to demonstrate for any interested guitarists out there. In any case we are playing over the same chord progression as last time. I'd recommend starting with a metronome slowly and gradually building up speed. Here is the guitar tab. Standard tuning if you want to play along. What makes this musically interesting this the chords moving under what is basically just playing the scale. Progression is G/D/B5/C5.