Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blues Rock Guitar Solo in E

This is a blues rock guitar solo in E. Mainly using the E Major Pentatonic Scale. I've played the guitar tab as written out in the video the first few times then added a few different licks and improvised ( mistakes and all).
It's a slower tempo so experiment with really milking the most out of every note. I was much too stiff in recording this. Really strive to let this breathe and relax. Do get too tied up with the guitar tab just pick bits and pieces you like and try playing your own phrases. The chord progression is E/B/A/E. Having the E chord start and finish the progression makes it great to loop and practice over. I'm not certain but I think Kenny Wayne Shepherd's "While We Cry" and Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter" are similar to this progression.

In terms of scale patterns I've rooted the  guitar solo around the pattern that corresponds to the first minor pentatonic pattern but moved down three frets to the 9th string. If you move any minor pentatonic scale pattern down three frets you will get the major pentatonic scale.