Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vinyl Guitar Licks - Queen News of the World

The record that inspired today's guitar lick is Queen's 'News of the World'. This is a 1977 classic that includes the hits 'We Will Rock You' and 'We are the Champions'. I took inspiration from the first song 'We Will Rock You'. The tracks guitar solo kicks in at around 1:40. Here is a link to the song. The first things that strikes me is the thick rich tone Brian May gets out of his now famous home made guitar. The solo kicks of with some power chords and then kicks into a great melodic section.

I tried to come up with a combination of a riff and solo part that work together. I tried to create a thick chord sound. The first part of the guitar lick starts with a triplet walk up the scale that reminds me of Queen after that its more of a blues rock feel. But hey the goal of this is to kick start some creativity.  The main riff I played in open position with the chords F# D and A. For the lead I doubled the chords in a higher position and played around with the A Major/ F#Minor scale. The guitar tab ends with the repeating lick on the second fret. If you want the legato part at the end tabbed out let me know.