Monday, April 27, 2015

Vinyl Guitar Licks - John McLaughlin - Music Spoken Here

John McLaughlin's 'Music Spoken Here' is the album that inspired today's guitar lick. I choose to focus on the song 'Loro'. I am not remotely in the same guitar playing league but I tried to come up with an acoustic guitar lick that captured some of the upbeat spirit this song has.  Here is a link to today's song.

I went for an uptempo acoustic guitar lick with a bit of a latin tinge to my ears anyway. Here is the guitar tab.

The guitar starts off with a  wide interval part and then a 16th note scale sequence. The phrasing in the second part is a bit tricky but I think it sounds pretty cool. The third part is quarter note triplets shifting around some chord shapes. In terms of a key signature I'm thinking in E but haven't really analysed things.