Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vinyl Guitar Licks - MSG - Built To Destroy

Michael Schenker is a great guitar player that had and continues to have a huge influence over guitarists.  Today's guitar lick is inspired by the open string intro riff to the song 'Captain Nemo'. I couldn't find the exact album on Spotify but here is a link to the song on a compilation.

My guitar lick is certainly a lot slower in tempo but it does incorporate a lot of open strings. I mixed in a simple guitar rhythm of the E, D and C power chords between the guitar licks. The guitar lick has two parts. The first part has two minor variations. The second part is played entirely on the G string. I didn't really think out scale choices I just played notes that sounded good to me. Hope you dig the riff here is the guitar tab. For a modern player who comes up with some wicked open string licks I would check out Slash.