Friday, June 19, 2009

Till Death do Us part - Melodic Death Metal Guitar

By request this is a quick attempt at a "death metal" melodic guitar lick. I don't listen to much death metal ( as you may be able to tell from the lick) but a viewer requested a lick in this genre and gave me Children of Bodom as a reference. Now Alexi Laiho can really play. But being from an older school I hear a lot of Randy Rhoads in his playing. So I decided to do a quick guitar lick Friday and then listen and try to compose a longer and more genuine attempt at a death metal guitar lick Monday.

I stuck to a neo classical influences scalar run with a repeating riff for the quick attempt today. Nothin fancy but I think it sounds pretty cool. Hopefully Monday will be more a more accurate melodic example. Thanks for listening and commenting.