Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chord Based Guitar Lick in G

This guitar lick stylistically is along the same lines as the lick in D we looked at yesterday. Today's guitar lick is based in G. Again pretty heavily influenced by Hendrix here. You'll find much more advanced, beautiful and soulful examples of this style of playing in "Little Wing" and the "Wind Cries Mary" whose style this lick draws upon. I start the lick in G with a line using the treble strings from a G chord as a base position. Next I shift into a set of sliding chords that are a modified version of a shape that Hendrix used a lot. I muted the open string here to tighten up the sound but you'll find a lot of guitar players choose to let the open G ring out. After the sliding chords I move into a staple of this style of playing the triplet hammer on fills then end the lick on the root note G at the 10th position 5th string.

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