Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bluegrass Guitar Lick in G

I've always loved flatpicking on an acoustic guitar. Some of the best flatpickers are bluegrass players. I've only dabbled with some basic bluegrass playing for acoustic guitar but its a great way to get your alternate picking in shape no matter what style of music you play. This is a guitar lick in the key of G. I've incorporated some hammer on and pull-offs into this lick but you can also use strict alternate picking if you prefer.

For the triplet in the middle section at bar 4 I find it easiest if you start the hammer on with your index finger and shift positions later. Alternatively you could fret that note with your second finger. See what feels best to you. When your reading the tab or notation listen to the music in the video. The guitar lick has three distinct sections. The first on ends at the open G string in bar 4. The second begins with the triplet in bar four. the the last section begins where the first slide starts in the last bar. Listen closely and you will hear the accents that bring out each section.