Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some 80's guitar Inspiration

I've always loved the 80's classic "Jessie's Girl" from Rick Springfield. I think its a great song with some cool riffs, a strong solo and it has really stood the test of time. I decided to learn it today which was a lot of fun. The guitar and bass open with a set of notes that follow the root of the underlying chord which is a simple but effective introduction.It makes the chords sound a lots fuller when they kick into gear.  The rhythm is simple but memorable.

Today's tinylick is a example of a repeating guitar line that could be doubled with a bass. It is played using an eighth note rhythm. Most of the notes are grouped in threes except for the B note on the fifth string second fret. I've divided the notes in the guitar tab so they are easier to see but play this evenly with an eighth note rhythm and some palm muting.