Monday, February 21, 2011

Rock Inspired Jazz Guitar Lick

Musical inspiration can come from many sources. Different genres of music can inspire guitarists to create music in many different forms. I really love the guitar playing of both Skid Row guitarists. I was recently learning a great song of theirs called "Wasted Time". In the solo there is a really cool run from I believe a C5 to and Ab5 chord. It sounds great and resolves to the Ab note. It is a guitar lick that would not be out of place in a jazz song - to my ears anyway. In any case that guitar lick inspired this one. It is in the key of C but incorporates some passing tones. You'll note on the youtube video I've labelled the last couple of guitar licks for days from Feb21 to Feb24 - they are all under the 21st as I decided to post them early. If you enjoy excellent melodic rock guitar check out the song and see if you can spot the guitar lick that inspired this one!