Friday, May 23, 2008

Odd note grouping guitar lick

This guitar lick includes 5, 8 and 2 note groupings. When you go to practice this lick start slow with a metronome. In the example I actually played the 8 note groupings a bit slow because I liked the sound when it flowed backing into the 5 note phrase to create a repeating loop. But for a great exercise strictly adhere to the values of the note durations and it will really help out your alternate picking.

I think that in general it is good advice when you learn a lick or song it's great to start with a very precise time value. But when you go to play it with a band its fine to let the music breathe a little within the time structure as long as the band is together and it sounds good. This is not to say play sloppy but for most time values there is always a bit of room to push the beat or lay back on it. The final test should always be what it sounds like to you. Precision timing is good but you want it to breathe and sound human not computer like. Unless that is what your trying for. Have a great weekend.