Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Basic Funk Guitar Lick #2

Another funk guitar lick for you today. Like yesterday's guitar lick this one incorporates 16th note strumming and muting techniques. Try to keep a loose feel and avoid the instinct to tense up your wrist in both your picking and fretting hands. The more relaxed your hands the easier playing guitar will be for this and any other riff or lick. This lick also uses a common octave shape to thicken up the sound of the "single note" end to the lick. Hendrix's playing especially his funkier material recorded towards the end of his life frequently uses octave patterns and muted strumming. For some great examples of Jimi in action check out "Dolly Dagger", "Ezy Ryder" or "Freedom" from his "First Rays of the New Rising Sun" album. Some great funky rock playing on those tracks indeed.