Saturday, March 8, 2008

Metal Guitar Riff in Drop D

I just came up with this guitar lick and figured I'd post the lick for Sunday today. This guitar lick is a mini metal guitar lesson on riffing and palm muting. The riff uses all down strokes for the eighth notes and alternate picks the 16th notes. Palm muting varies from quite heavy to light. Try alternating the pressure you use and see how it affects the sound. I used the Line6 Pocket pod insane setting for a wee bit o distortion.

To help follow along with the tab I've slowed down the second example in the video. The guitar in today's video is tuned down a half step but with the 6th string tuned down another whole step to D flat. This is typically just called drop D down a half step. I kinda liked this riff and hope you enjoy it too. Cheers.