Sunday, June 16, 2013

Guitar Lick - Shifting Pentatonic Triplets

I've been on a bit of a jazz /  fusion kick lately. So I outfitted the strat with some jazz strings and tried to come up with something different than my usual ultra distorted wah infused guitar licks. Although this lick is still pentatonic based it is a bit different than a traditional blues based rock use of the pentatonic scale. Although having said that Slash has tons of cool pentatonic runs that move vertically up the scale.

This is a triplet based lick that shifts from the D Minor Pentatonic ( with an added second the E note) scale to a C# Minor Pentatonic scale. Basically the whole pattern repeats twice then moves down a half step. The only difference is I don't slide into the second note for the C# Minor section. The guitar lick is based on a triplet pattern that has a bit of string skipping.  Hope you dig this. On a side note two guitarists I've been amazed by lately are Bryan Baker and the late Shawn Lane I'd highly recommend checking them out.