Saturday, April 20, 2013

Legato Guitar Lick - Grouping in 7's

Today I wanted to play around with my newest guitar app the Amplitube Slash App on the ipod. In the last guitar jam video I posted there was a legato run I kept messing around with that I thought sounded cool so I went back a tried to tab out the guitar lick. Not sure if this is exactly the same guitar lick as the jam video but concept and vibe to it is pretty close.

The guitar lick starts off with some legato licks played with seven note groupings. The best example ever of these are on the live Ozzy album "Tribute" which features some jaw dropping and legendary playing by the late Randy Rhoads. R.I.P.  If you do not own this album go out today and buy it. Get it on CD, cassette and vinyl ( it is record store day after all) and never stop playing it. I've listened to this album 1000's of times and love every second of it. Anyway Randy's playing is chalked full of awesome legato guitar runs and you can learn a lot by studying his guitar playing.

Technique wise I find if you are having trouble stretching to the seventh fret with the freting hand adopt a more classical style hand placement where the thumb rests towards the center of the neck. This allows for great control and reach and makes it easier to achieve a strong even legato tone. imho.

If you'd like to play along I am tuned down a half step. I've played over the track I'm writing called 'Narrow Road'. The intro is tabbed out in earlier posts if you would like to check it out. Comments, questions feedback always welcomed. Have a safe weekend!