Monday, December 27, 2010

Open Guitar Chords with major scale run

I hope everyone had a Merry (and musical) Christmas. For those of you who found a guitar under the tree you may be wondering where to begin your music making journey. Most guitarists start with the open chords. Today's guitar lick is based around the open D and C add9 Major chords. The guitar lick is based on a repeating picking pattern you can see in the tab. The bass note changes from G to F to C with some hammer ons to spice up the lick a little bit. The lick ends with a major scale run based on the G Major scale.
A great way for any guitarist to learn some great open  based chord licks and guitar runs is to study bluegrass players. Bluegrass is great because a lot of the runs are based around open position chords and lower position scale patterns that beginners often start out with - but they can be very technical, fast and precise so advanced players learn a lot too.