Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guitar Lick Inspired by Randy Rhoads

Today's guitar lick is inspired by one of my favorite rock guitar players of all time the great Randy Rhoads (RIP). This is a legato riff played with seven note groupings using the A dorian mode which contains the notes in the G Major Scale. Which is all natural notes with the exception of the F#. Before the riff I establish a bit of a typical 80's metal rhythm in the video by playing a diad progression in A using movable power chords. To hear some absolutely brilliant legato playing I recommend checking out the live "Tribute" album featuring Randy Rhoads with Ozzy. Randy's studio material was awesome but his live playing is really beyond description his legato was so fluid and seemless and there is a real sense of emotion and passion in his playing that few other people have ever matched. I've listened to this album thousands of times and never tire of hearing this masterful guitar playing.