Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's all relative - guitar, music, life

No tab or video today but an important lesson for life, guitar and music in my opinion. Some backstory. I am not a yard guy, or even an outdoor guy and a rake or lawnmower send me screaming to the safety of my guitar or laptop. However, being a homeowner and husband I have certain obligations not to get my lawn condemned by any neighborhood associations. So today I donned some gloves and in a chemical free friendly manner proceeded to weed the yard and return my dandelion ridden grass from yellow back to green. While I was in the middle of this process a neighbor a few houses down the street who I have never met stopped and asked me how I kept the yard so good looking. Seriously, me the inept yard guy was being asked advice. I did the only responsible thing I could and told him my next door neighbor was really the guy to ask as his lawn was pristine and made mine look sad in comparison.

So my point is that your level of progress and knowledge are relative and sometimes when you think you should give up it is important to objectively assess how far you have come since you started. The guitar is like chess in many respects almost anyone can play it but even with years of study mastering it can remain elusive and perhaps impossible. So grab a pick, congratulate yourself on getting this far and undertake to learn even more all the while remembering there are better and worse players no matter how much or little you know.