Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Classic Rock Riff

I got a new piece of Gear yesterday. A Line6 floor pod plus. I'm not associated with line 6 in anyway but I love their gear because it provides great guitar tones at prices that make it widely accessible. I thought it would be fun to do a guitar lick or riff with each preset on the model. I'll start at 1A and work up to 30D. So that's 120 licks and riffs total. If anyone uses different Line6 gear or effects pedals and wants more detailed info on the effects settings just drop me a message and I can discuss what the preset uses.

The first preset is 1A and it's called "Back in Black". Appropriately enough it is a classic rock tone suitable for its namesake AC DC's material and other 70's legends as well as modern garage rockers. The guitar riff I came up with is pretty basic and is centered around the A power chord. Cheers.