Monday, September 8, 2008

Drop C Metal Guitar Riff

I had planned to do a few more tapping licks before some metal guitar riffs but listening to some of the new Metallica tracks has put me in more of a metal mood. So here is a Drop C down a whole step metal guitar riff to check out. It's a fair tempo so I demonstrated the right and left hands at slow speed. This is a pretty straight forward rhythm and fairly basic as metal riffs go. For some more advanced material you can't go wrong with Metallica, Pantera or Black Label Society in my book. I'm showing my age a bit but for "newer" bands I like what I've heard from Lamb of God and Trivium and the new Slipkot album sounds awesome. If this video is too easy or you didn't like it let me know. Feedback really helps me improve the content. Cheers.