Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tapping Rock Guitar Lick

Here's a cool sounding rock guitar lick that uses tapping. The backing track was 89
E Rocket Rock backing track from www.freejamtracks.com used with permission. You can download the track from that site to practice the lick over. I generally tap with only my index finger and for a basic lick like this one finger is all you need. I let the backing track groove decide the phrasing so use the tab as a rough guide only and let you ears be the final judge. Basically I played the first four notes faster than the last four in each 8 note sequence. In the tab it's written as 32nd then 16th notes but the real breakdown is not that different in rhythmic duration.

For some great advanced tapping with a similar major scale, upbeat kind of sound check out any album by Extreme with the awesome Nuno Bettencourt. In fact they have a new album out now or very soon. You can find the single at ultimate guitar. A great band that certainly deserves a listen if you've never heard them.