Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guitar Exercise - Chromatic Warmup Lick

Today's guitar lick uses notes from the chromatic scale - which is made up of all 12 notes used in modern western music. The lick is in 16th notes and alternate picked. This makes a great warm up and is a bit more challenging than some chromatic warm ups because it incorporates a change in direction for the fretting and also uses string skipping. I'd recommend practicing this 2 to 5 minutes a day ( depending on your playing level and fatigue - stop immediately if you feel any pain or soreness) with a metronome and gradually work up speed. Generally I would recommend a classical fretting hand position for the thumb but I played this version with more of a rock/ blues thumb position on the fretting hand. Grab your guitar and give it a try. For some really awesome chromatic music I'd recommend Chopin piano works. I know Guitar World's column with Yngwie awhile back ran some transcriptions of these and they were technically very challenging and sounded great on guitar.